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A little book of help from me. As you look forward with positivity to the future, it may help to see it being calmer, slower, happier, more fulfilled.

Calming advice to deal with every challenge life throws at us. Simple advice for children and teenagers to manage their worry and stress. Staying still and weathering the storms that are sent our way. Strategies to make sense of the roller coaster of emotions each one of us is feeling. Feeling hope.

Appreciating what matters and bringing more of it into your life.


The beauty of living in the present moment. Finding peace, solace and understanding. How can you be more zen? Do one thing at a time. Do it deliberately and completely. Think about what is necessary. Live simple. Work on your breathing. Meditate - moving meditation too, through exercise… walking, jogging, running, hiking. Available from Amazon: the perfect antidote to our fast-paced lives. Full of mantras, easy to use meditations and quotes that strike to the heart. Gift this to a loved one, so they can go on a journey of relaxation, stress relief and enlightenment. Gift them calm and perspective so they too can live a mindful life.

In Focus Reflexology: Your Personal Guide by Tina Chantrey is everything I was looking for in an introductory book on the subject and practice. Chantrey does a great job of keeping everything simple for a true novice such as myself while also offering information for those looking to work their way into doing this as a CAM practice (such as getting insurance, what to look for with new clients, etc). So this book will serve anyone well who is not already a fully operating practitioner, and frankly as a review for seasoned reflexologists it would probably work well to keep the basics front of mind.

Earl,, 5 ***** review

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