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Bespoke running coaching #runTLC

RunTLC provides running coaching with an emphasis on giving a holistic, tailored programme designed specifically for you and your goals. We won't just improve running fitness, but will work on building your running strength, flexibility and balance - all crucial to help you be a better, happier runner staying injury free.



UK Athletics Running Coach

UK Athletics Assistant Athletics Coach

Yoga Alliance Teaching Yoga in Sport & to Athletes

UK Coaching Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity

ITEC Dip Anatomy Physiology & Massage

ITEC Dip Reflexology


The basic runTLC online coaching package is £50 per month

  • Bi-weekly training structure that will be organic and adapt to YOU and your changing needs depending on changing life circumstances, work and family needs and injuries

  • Cyclical training for upcoming races 

  • A weekly email to check YOU are on track and training is progressing as expected

  • Mentoring to ensure you reach your goals

Advanced coaching package £80

The basic package plus one one-to-one coach led running session per month


If you have a specific goal or race you are working towards I will help you achieve it. I will assess your current running fitness and lifestyle and build a plan that will provide a variety of training specific to your goal. The plan will be adaptable, versatile, challenging and fun!

12 WEEK PLAN - £50

16 WEEK PLAN - £60

20 WEEK PLAN - £70


If you would like to book a 45-minute coaching chat, to tackle a specific issue or problem, regain your mojo or motivation or seek specific advice, email me on to arrange a time. Available on Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom

45 MINUTE CHAT - £30

For information on one-to-one running sessions please email me at

"Tina gave me so much insight while she trained me for a marathon. Not only in terms of improving my running fitness, but I also learnt how vital it is to integrate strength work into my training routine and to approach training with a flexible mindset - to look at training in ‘blocks’ rather than in ‘weeks’ is something I’ll never forget. The schedule she gave me was varied, challenging and flexible, which I found really motivating, especially over winter. And I really appreciated Tina being on hand to explain the more technical bits, and to allay my nerves if my training got derailed. It was great that she completely understood my work and family commitments, and adapted my training to fit around them, rather than leaving me to work that bit out for myself. I loved having a weekly schedule too, so I was never overwhelmed by the amount or intensity of sessions; it was all very bitesize and manageable. It’s so much more than a schedule: Tina’s expertise, her supportive and understanding attitude to my personal life-jigsaw, and her holistic approach to fitness, health and mental wellbeing make you feel like you could achieve anything. Even a marathon!"

Esther N, Editor, Women's Running UK

I have attended #runTLC running sessions since inception and I can honestly say we have never done the same session twice! Part of Tina’s gift is her insatiable appetite for training sessions to be original, fun and inclusive of all abilities. She really puts Tender Loving Care into creating her coaching plans and I feel so lucky to be able to do these sessions in person with coach TLC! I decided to purchase some individual coaching from Tina as my running focus was drifting and I needed a goal. She encouraged me to book into a race, so, inspired by her natural optimism for all things being possible, I signed up for Brighton Marathon! I found her weekly run plans so achievable as she really took the time to work a plan around my lifestyle, for example she advised me to switch my long runs to a Saturday morning to facilitate my family commitments, rather than sticking to the more traditional marathon plan of a Sunday long run; plus there was the added incentive of the guilt free glass of wine I would be able to have on my Saturday night while being more present for dog walks with my kids on a Sunday morning. I loved Tina’s weekly tips and found all her interactions via WhatsApp invaluable. Additionally, I found a passion for including strength training, which was not featured in previous race plan’s I've followed. I found the weekly benefits to my running to be incredible and I also remained injury free! I once thought booking a run coach was a little indulgent, however, now I view it like booking a personal training session at the gym and know it's invaluable if you want to improve performance or are lacking in motivation. For the cost of going to the hairdressers or getting a massage, it really is a no-brainer. I highly recommend booking Tina as your coach. She’s so knowledgeable about running as being Fitness Editor for Women’s Running, she is on the pulse with all the latest training tips and nutritional advice. I’m fully in with the #runTLC community too and I personally love seeing people’s achievements on the Facebook group! Thank you Tina, you are an inspiration!

Caroline B, marathoner

Tina offers so much experience, not just a practical timetable to follow; her advice on running during and post pregnancy, and training while juggling a family, helped me stay on track and stay positive when sessions didn't always go as planned.

Sarah V, Couch 2 5K

COPYRIGHT: Tina Chantrey

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